Sunday, January 19, 2014


I want to apologize for the "disappearing act" that took place here.  I kept putting off posting something to explain what was going on.

A close family member of mine took sick and is staying with us.  Obviously, that's put a big cramp in our lifestyle.

Sometimes in life you have to do these things.  It's going to be a long recovery process and they're going to need my support for a few more months.

We've been coping and making adjustments as needed.  Life's all about priorities isn't it.

We hope to post a bit more regularly.


Ms. Carol

Monday, November 11, 2013

Diaper Punishment for paula

I had to punish paula yesterday.  I know both she and Vince were happy to see me but paula couldn't control herself and came in her panties without permission.  Part of it was my fault.  Big mistake to let her out of her chastity belt to watch me and Vince.  I even told her she could rub her panties but gave her specific instructions not to cum. 

I guess I set her up to fail, but disobedience has to be dealt with.  paula spent the rest of the day in diapers in front of a special guest that Vince had invited over.  Someone he thought I might want to see soon after I got back from being away for a few weeks.  Vince arranged for our new part time sissy maid peter to visit us.  I was quite surprised and happy to see peter.

paula was standing in the corner, sucking on her binkie and in diapers when peter arrived.  It was the first time peter saw paula in such a state and it wasn't anything I had planned.  It left me explaining to peter that this was one of the ways I disciplined paula and I also told him the reason why she was being disciplined. 

peter was dressed in his male attire when he arrived, except for the pair of white panties he wore under his jeans.  I asked him if he would like to change into something more comfortable and he hesitantly said yes.  I could tell he really wanted to but was a little nervous. 

After changing into one of the maids uniforms he wore to do housework for us, I suggested we just relax and talk for awhile.  It was really the first time we had a chance to talk openly with Vince there and eventually I was able to bring up the subject of what we might want to try sexually with peter.  He's a very attractive young man and makes a very cute submissive.  I told him so and it seemed to relax him and make him a little self conscious at the same time.

When our little conversation was over, I took peter by the hand and led him to our bedroom where under my tutelage, he did a very commendable job of worshiping my pussy.  He was so attentive and it felt real nice.  I treated him to an orgasm of his own, slowly milking him through his white panties, which he ended up wetting. 

I teased peter about having to put him in diapers because he too made a mess.  I chose not to because as I told him "one baby in the house is enough."  Instead, I told him to remove his panties and gave him a pair of paula's to wear. 

We went back downstairs where I put peter's soiled panties over paula's head.  I think it shocked peter that I would do such a thing.  I also told paula that she was to hand wash peter's panties along with mine and hers. 

All in all it was a very nice afternoon.  peter is going to work out just fine. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back From the Missing

I'm back after a month's absence.  I love Sex, BBC, Dominating my sub sissy and also enjoy blogging about it.  But sometimes, those first three things and life's issues take precedence over the blogging.

I'm fine, the cuckold's fine, Vince is still awesome and even my new part-time sissy maid peter seems to have worked out well in my absence. 

I've got lots of catching up to do (sexual and otherwise) but look for me here soon. 

I have to get the cuckold back on her creampie diet, and Vince is all to eager to oblige!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Bulls vs. Black Masters

I found this wonderful quote by Master Shango on his tumblr site:

"Bulls merely want to fuck the wife. They come, fuck, then leave. A Black Master stays. His work involves not just fucking the wife, but seducing her mind, body, and soul, and coaches the couple toward becoming ‘Black-Owned’."

Master SHANGO.

Pretty interesting.  Quite true in my opinion.  Novice couples need the type of coaching Shango refers to.  If you've never done cuckolding before, new to it, or just starting out, a bull who comes over to fuck you and just leaves might spell the end of your experiment or worse yet, the relationship you have with each other.
The one who stays to help you both along, providing direction and helping you understand what you need, well....that man's a keeper.

Everyone needs "coaching" right?

"white boi doing his duty"

Vince has stayed.  He's my personal Black Master.

Thanks for sharing Shango.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Sissy Maid & The Cuckold

A couple of things to touch on on this sunny Sunday....

Peter looked very pretty yesterday doing his housework.  He also got a chance to meet Vince and to observe the dynamic that exists in our household and especially how Vince interacts with me and paula.  My being present this time allowed me to correct Peter a few times and he seemed to enjoy the attention.  He also enjoyed the pats on the ass I gave him which resulted in a few tiny erections that were visible in the white panties he was wearing!

We've agreed that Peter will continue to work here as a maid on Saturday's for a stipend.  In a few weeks, he's going to start spending the weekend with us so that we can see if living together will work.  Once I decide it's working to my satisfaction, then I may make him a formal "offer."  The ball will be in his court then to decide whether or not to accept.  If so, he'll cancel the lease on his place and move in with us. 

I was supposed to go out with Vince last night and stay at his while the cuckold, my wife paula, stayed home in chastity.  Instead, we stayed here and the cuckold got to join in the fun.

"Joining in" covers a lot of territory when referring to a cuckold's participation in the sexual activities the wife and her lover enjoy.  For most of the evening, paula's participation involved  just kneeling in the corner of our bedroom in her chastity belt with my panty over her head while Vince fucked me. 

Vince didn't call paula over until he was through fucking me.  He told her to lie on her back on the bed and had me sit on her face so she could clean my pussy while I sucked Vince's cock clean.   I really had a thunderous orgasm.  A huge one.  And....a real wet one....really wet!  Like, I couldn't help myself and peed some. 

I teased Vince that the orgasm I got from paula licking me was the best one of the night.

"It's only because you were sucking my big dick while it happened" he said.

I think he's right.  It was a real nice combination. 

The cuckold's work wasn't done though...she had to change the sheets because of the mess we had made.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Hot New Tumblr Blogs

Great news for those of you who enjoy cuckolding with a touch of Black Alpha Male Cock thrown in.  Emma and scott Kelly from the blog Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse each have their own tumblr sites now.

Emma's is and scott's is


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our Cuckold Ass Licker

My ass got plenty of attention last night.  More than it usually does.

Vince felt like anal sex last night.  And he felt pretty dominant.  All the postings on my tumblr site about my "Black Master" must have gotten to him.

Vince was also nice enough to involve the cuckold (my sissy wife paula) in most of the anal play.  It was paula's job to make sure my ass was ready for Vince.  As part of the preparations the cuckold:

  • licked my ass clean while Vince watched, while I was on all fours in the den
  • lubricated my ass before inserting a butt plug 
  • watched as I sucked Vince's cock to get it rock hard
  • removed the butt plug and cleaned it off with her lips
  • licked my ass clean again while I readied myself for Vince (by now I was soaking wet)
  • after I was taken to the bedroom and put at the edge of the bed in a diaper position so Vince could fuck me in the ass, the cuckold licked Vince's ass while he fucked mine
  • and finally, the cuckold licked my ass clean of Vince's black seed and all the lube
It was a very kinky evening, one that was erotically intoxicating for me.  It got me to thinking about being completely submissive to Vince while the cuckold was exponentially more submissive than I was.

Vince just took what he wanted.  I enjoyed it, but I didn't get what I wanted.  I really wanted to suck him off to completion, to have him shoot his big load in my mouth and later, have me get him hard again so he could fuck my pussy.  I even begged him for it.  He would have none of it.

He wanted my ass and he just took it.  The way he wanted it.  All prepped up for him by the cuckold.