Friday, May 13, 2011

"Bitch Slapped"

My relationship with Carol took a drastic turn one Thursday night when i met up with Her and two of Her friends for drinks after work.  We had been seeing one another for almost a year and even though we weren't technically living together, i was spending many nights at her condominium.  i had known Carol for several years before we finally started going out.  We both worked for the same corporation but in different departments and at different levels.  Carol was a mid-level manager and on the fast track.  I was at the senior executive level and quite frankly, almost ready to "cash in" and say my goodbyes.  The beginnings of our romance are better served in a separate posting.  Suffice to say that after we began seeing one another, it became clear that our sexual interests were quite compatible, i.e. Her dominance and my submission.

That Thursday night started out rather well when i was introduced to Carol's two friends, Karen and Debbi.  Both were college classmates of Carol and they would periodically get together socially.  By the time i had arrived,  it was evident that the girls had already had at least a couple of drinks and were having a good time with plenty of good-natured laughs and joking around.  i was a little hesitant to join in and didn't say very much, but when i finally did chime in, Debbi commented how much she loved my sense of humor.  The comment loosened me up a little and made me feel more comfortable.

The conversation turned to their college days and there was some teasing about some of their more embarrassing moments.  i joined in the laughter but didn't have much to add until Debbi brought up an incident involving Carol at a sorority party.  It got all of them laughing and i added my own funny comment.  Like many of my humorous comments, it was delivered with a hint of sarcasm.  i knew immediately that Carol did not find it funny.  i will never forget the look in Her eyes.  i didn't get to look at Her very long because almost instantly, She slapped me right across the face with Her open hand.  "Don't you ever make fun of me again!" She said, loud enough for just about everyone in the bar area of the restaurant to hear, adding "Do I make myself clear?"  i didn't know what to say and hesitated.  My hesitation was met with another hard slap.  "Did you hear me bitch?" She said.

i didn't know what to do or say.  i wanted to disappear.  i got up and ran out of the restaurant, never having felt so humiliated in all my life.  i wanted, but didn't really expect Carol to call me that night.  She didn't.  My stubbornness got the best of me and it wasn't until ten days later that i broke down and called Her.  i left multiple messages wanting Her to call me back.  i apologized several times and did the same via text and emails.  i continued to call hoping that she might pick up.  A month later, i received an email from Her asking if i would like to join Her along with Karen and Debbie for drinks that night.  Of course, i agreed.

Once again, they were already seated when i arrived and i politely said hello to the three of them and sat down in the booth next to Carol.  "I think you owe my friends an apology" Carol said as soon as i sat down.  I looked at Her and said "Yes, i do."  i looked at both Debbi and Karen and said "i'm really sorry for the way i acted the last time we were here.  i hope you can accept my apology."  i'm not sure what had transpired before i got there, or what they had talked about, but my apology seemed to catch them off guard.  "No problem" Debbi said.  "I'm fine also" said Karen.

"Ok, glad that's taken care of" Carol said. "I want you to head to my place now and I'll meet you there later.  We're going to stay and have a few more drinks.  Put your apron on and tidy things up a bit before I get there.  Understood?"  My face turned beet red before i said "Yes Carol, i understand."

i said goodbye to Debbi and Karen and excused myself, once again leaving the restaurant in total embarrassment.  Once at Her place and in my apron doing Her housework, i knew i had done the right thing.  i couldn't wait for Her to come home.  We've been together ever since.


  1. this is probably one of the best Domination experiences i ever read! thank You for sharing ... You're a very lucky wife! :)

  2. It is an almost indescribable feeling, to accept and know, that one has accepted the will of their Superior... and for it to feel absolutely correct.