Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Picking up After Carol

As much as Carol's decision to join me in posting here has caused me some embarrassment and mild humiliation (despite our anonymity), i'm happy that She's decided to post and contribute to what is now "O/our" blog.  Reading someone else's perspective on my marriage is a very good learning exercise.  Also, it's sometimes difficult for me to write about some of the things Carol mentioned in Her posts. 

At present, i'm also a little bit busy with some consulting work.  Her postings help keep the blog fresh, without too many extended "silent" periods.  My consulting work is sporadic.  i don't actively seek the work, but like the fact that my services are still in demand somewhat, and my part-time business is spread solely by word-of-mouth.  i often turn down work for various reasons, most of those reasons involve too much travel, larger more complex projects that would require too much of a time commitment and finally, not getting Carol's permission.  She has the final decision on all the work i take on.

The consulting is never to interfere with my duties and housework around the house.  That comes first, unless Carol grants me an exception.  Those are rare.  Carol dose no housework.  i do it all.  She is by no means a sloppy person and expects the house to be as neat as a pin.  As an example, last night She called me into the den where She was working and pointed out some dust behind Her computer screen.  Before i could say anything, i was "bitch slapped" not once, but twice.  i apologized and realized the error in my ways.  In many ways, Carol really is a neat freak.  i'm glad She is.  i wouldn't want to live in a dirty home.  Her expectations keep me on my toes and make me take pride of the home we live in.

However, i've found that since we've been married, She's "relaxed" some of the orderly habits She had before our marriage.  Things are left hanging around, some of Her clothes are left on the floor, over a chair, etc. and in general, She doesn't pick up after Herself as often.  She doesn't have to.  She has a wife who will do all of that for Her, and more.  


  1. Paula, could you tell us about the piercing on your cock? Thanks!

  2. Such strict expectations! Love it!