Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cuckold-Induced Orgasms

Well, we went to our first Mandigo party in quite awhile and it turned out better than I thought it would.  Not that I was anticipating any problems but, in light of our little incident the last time we went and the caution I wanted to take in the handling of paula, I thought it might be a little tense at times but it wasn't.

I've mentioned before that not all couples at Mandigo parties are into cuckolding and D/s the way I am.  Actually, the majority aren't and for the most part, there isn't a lot of open humiliation, feminization and similar scenes.  The best parties are where everyone does their own thing and respectful of other couples and their interests.  It makes for a much more pleasurable evening. 

We did meet a very nice couple who live a couple of hours away from us and talked about getting together soon.  Nancy's been cuckolding her husband Todd for nearly three years but has been dominant over him for most of their 25 year marriage!  They met in college, got married, had a couple of kids but didn't really start exploring their kinky side until they became empty nesters.  paula was in her maids outfit for the party and Nancy said it was making Todd jealous!  Next time I think Todd will be properly attired.

The highlight of the evening for me was the time I spent with my new friend Craig.  What a hunk and what a "total package!"  paula watched as we chatted, flirted and kissed.  I had her get us some drinks while I explained our situation to Craig.  He was totally understanding and a real gentleman about it.  He was nice to paula while at the same time treating her like a cuckold, knowing that I enjoyed seeing that.  For instance, he told her to go to a certain bedroom in the house and to get it ready for us.  He even let her stay while we made love.

And what a lovemaking session it was!  I had one of the most thunderous orgasms I've ever had.  His size, strength and stamina were all that I could handle.  When I came, I screamed with pleasure and squeezed the sheets and pillows as hard as I could!  I was in orgasm heaven :)

As paula was gently licking my pussy to another orgasm a little while later, I thought about the differences between the two orgasms.  Both enjoyable, but when it came to intensity they were like night and day. 

This picture from Greg & Sheryl's Interracial Swinger's Blog reminded me of what I experienced on Saturday night.  Like the woman in the picture, I was clinching anything I could grab and holding on for dear life as Craig pounded me!  

In comparison, the orgasm I received from paula was soft, gentle and sweet.

I'm sure all women enjoy cuckold-induced orgasms.  However, they pale in comparison to those you get from a real man.  


  1. Thanks for the shout-out. We made sure to tweet your article!

  2. Oh my, what a lovely!
    I'm picturing paula and Todd together, soon... :)
    Hug, Sara

  3. Carol,

    There's definitely a difference between the two types of Big O's!!!