Monday, September 24, 2012

Two sissy babies

About a month ago we met a lovely couple at a Mandigo party we attended.  It was the first party in a long time and there were different people there, among them Nancy and Todd.  Nancy and I kind of hit it off and we've stayed in touch since then.  I invited them both over for dinner on Saturday night and told Nancy that paula would be serving us in her maids uniform.  I wanted to let her know ahead of time because I knew that she also enjoyed feminizing her own submissive cuckold husband. 

Well Nancy arrived accompanied by not Todd, but her feminized spouse "Tiffany."  What a blast it was to have two sissies at our disposal all night.  They not only whipped up a wonderful dinner for us but provided exceptional service.  The only drawback to the evening was the absence of real men.  I told Nancy I was going to try to get Greg, Brandon or my new friend Craig that we met at the last Mandigo party but I waited too long and couldn't arrange anything. 

We enjoyed watching the two sissies serve us and it was just a matter of time before we had them doing some silly things for our enjoyment, like modeling their panties, posing in certain positions and holding up each others skirt for us to see their cute little tushes.  Nancy asked me if I'd ever had paula play with another sissy.  I told her I hadn't and she said that neither had she.  "Wanna try" she asked me.  "Why the hell not" I laughed, "But I'll have to unlock her little clitty" I said as I went to the bedroom to get the key to paula's chastity belt. 

After I unlocked paula we couldn't decide who we wanted to do the sucking first so we actually flipped a coin.  I called heads and it was tails, so it was Nancy's decision.  She chose to have Tiffany suck paula.  We had paula lay down on the living room floor where I spread out a nice quilt and some throw pillows.  I told her to just make believe Tiffany was licking her pussy.  Well let me tell you, it didn't take long for my little sissy to explode and make a mess all over Tiffany's face!  paula can't even last long enough to enjoy the sucking of another  Nancy made sure that Tiffany licked up all of paula's sissy juice as well.

It was paula's turn and Tiffany did last a little longer but like most sissies, not nearly long enough to please a woman.  While watching paula suck Tiffany, Nancy commented how well she sucked cock and felt that Tiffany could learn a thing or two from her.  It made me  I told Nancy that paula has had plenty of experience on my bigger boyfriends and they love how she sucks cock as well.

Soon after our two girls were done sucking each others' clitties, Nancy told Tiffany to go to the car and get the diaper bag.  "The diaper bag?" I asked.  "Oh yes, I diaper Tiffany every night before bedtime.  I thought I'd diaper her in front of you.  It will save me some time when we get home and I've always wanted to diaper her in front of someone else" Nancy said.

Dressed in feminine attire, Tiffany went out into our dark driveway to get the pink diaper bag that Nancy had packed for their visit.  Nancy admitted that she left it in the car because she wasn't sure how the evening would turn out and didn't want to overdo things the first time we were together.  Well things went just awesome and she had no qualms about introducing this new kink into our friendship.

Tiffany's diaper bag had everything that a baby's would.  There were both cloth and disposable diapers, plastic panties, a bottle, some pacifiers, pins, baby lotion and powder.  "Get your things ready" she told Tiffany who by now was blushing and totally embarrassed.  I glanced over at paula who hadn't been put back in her chastity belt yet and wouldn't you know it, she had a nice little "bump" in the front of her panties.

We watched closely as Nancy diapered Tiffany on the living room floor, caressing her privates and massaging them with some lotion and applying powder before fastening the diaper and slipping some baby blue plastic panties on her!  It was so cute and I told her so.  "I have extra diapers you know" she said with a huge grin, intimating that if I wanted to, I could do the same to paula.  Well, it didn't take me long to decide and within a few minutes, paula was down on the floor getting ready to be diapered as well.

I'm not an expert a diapering an adult (or a baby for that matter), so Nancy gave me a hand but not before both Tiffany and paula had a pacifier in their mouths.  We put paula in a cloth diaper and some yellow plastic panties, but the plastic panties were a little too big for her.  The two of them looked so cute sucking on the pacifiers while in their diapers!

I told Nancy that next time we go to a Mandigo party, instead of bringing our sissy maids, we'll have our little sissy babies in tow.  Nancy invited us over to their place three weekends from now and I told her I'd try to get Brandon and  Craig to come over.  I've also got some shopping to do.  I like this baby thing.  Maybe not full time, but putting paula in diapers once and awhile could be great fun.

Next time we get together with Nancy, hopefully our diapered little babies will be good while we enjoy ourselves with some real men!


  1. Hi Carol,
    Welcome to the wonderful world of diapers! I keep my sissy in diapers 24/7. She is required to change herself after I give permission. Either myself or my Mother or sisters handle her re diapering. We use cloth at home and disposables when traveling. She is required to wash the diapers plus do all the other laundry. I love having her dressed like the big baby she is!

    Goddess Gretchen

  2. Dear Mistress Carol, thank You so much for sharing this. paula is such a luck sissy, and i'm glad that You have a wonderful new Mistress friend and owned sissy. i know that paula is not the blogger any more, but i know all the sissies who read Your blog would love to hear how she liked her first evening of sissy play and baby time. love, chrissie

  3. Ms. Carol,

    Not sure if I consider paula a lucky sissy, since I for one wouldn't enjoy the diapering thing. But, this is definitely an pretty intense mindfuck!


  4. It sounds like it was a wonderful evening had by all. I would love to cook & serve dinner to two dominant women while dressed as my Sissy self. I would also relish playing with another Sissy in front of my Dominant wife. Having the visiting Dominant witness my play with her Sissy would be absolutely priceless. The thought of the two of them instructing us while laughing & calling us humiliating names would be a fantasy come true . Unfortunately I`m not into the diaper scene, that is a bit of turn off for me. I guess whatever melts your butter is all that counts. Thanks for sharing

  5. Seeing a cuckold in diapers turns me on, as long as I don't have to change


  6. Oh my...this story got to me...
    Hug, Sara

  7. That's really hot! We would love to see some pics of her in diapers!

  8. My Mistress puts on my chastity device, then my diapers and plastic pants, and finally, a plastic apron or bib before making me suck a big fat cock. It's my job and I do it because my Mistress says to do it. My CB6000s (s for small) prevents me from getting an erection whild doing my work.

  9. ...oh dear one's little pee-pee is so VERY stiff reading this....what a delicous experience for those two LUCKY little sissy hopes they have their botties smacked VERY hard before they are babied in future....

  10. has always thought a Mistress would find it highly amusing to leave her infantilised sissy-faggot with "baby-sitters" whilst she is out enjoying the company of proper males..... possibly a couple of very strict lesbian feminists, some bratty teens or a mature "auntie"......

    1. What about the baby food? Sarah.