Monday, January 7, 2013

Clean Sheets at the Mandigo Party

Some international travel got in the way of posting, thanks to a promotion with my company.  I can't believe how well things are going and I'm very appreciative and thankful that I've been so lucky.

On the home front things are also going just splendid.  I am continually amazed at paula's love for me.  The willingness to submit to me and do just about anything I ask is pretty remarkable.  The episode which led to a little "blow-up" a few months ago isn't going to happen again.  The lesson learned is that all I need to do is communicate a little better ahead of time and thing will work out just fine.  paula doesn't mind surprises, as long as their little ones.  It's the mind-blowing ones that freak her out.

I hosted an "Apres New Years Mandigo Party" at our home this past Saturday night.  We had a decent number of people attend but unfortunately, two couples (both into cuckolding) got into a car accident on the way here and although no one was seriously hurt they weren't able to make it.  One of the couples was Nancy and her sissy baby husband tiffany that I told you about a few posts ago.  Nancy's been bringing tiffany to the Mandigo parties and dressing him as a little baby.  Makes for plenty of laughs and some fun.  When she called and said they wouldn't make it, after hearing that everyone was fine I asked if tiffany was in his party costume when they got into the accident.  Nancy said that he wasn't, but all the baby things were in the diaper bag and a travel bag.  Can you imagine if he had to go to the emergency room in his baby outfit?

So despite the two couples' absence the party was plenty of fun.  paula served as the hostess in her maids uniform and was plenty busy making sure everyone was comfortable.  she was absolutely marvelous and was kept busy all night with domestic duties.  It wasn't until much later when just about everyone was gone that she got to perform some real sexy cuckold duties.

One thing I did at the party that was a real hit was requiring the cuckolds to change the sheets on the beds each time they had been used.  We have three full bedrooms in the house and another den which I can convert to a bedroom very easily for the Mandigo parties.  I had to buy several extra sets of sheets for the bed but it was truly worth it.  paula couldn't have kept up with all the changing of the sheets so a couple of the other cuckold husbands helped her out.  Unfortunately they weren't in feminine attire.  Maybe next time.

There were plenty of sheets for paula to wash after the party!


  1. Welcome back Ms. Carol. I love that sheet idea. All the cucks running back and forth changing the beds. Very creative.


  2. Ms Carol,
    I'm a new follower of.your blight and I the stories have gotten me through many a boring staff meeting. The Mandingos in your area are quite lucky to have you and your "wife". When I lived in Tampa I was.part of the Fl Mandingos and attended several parties like the ones mentioned here. Currently the state I'm in doesn't seem to have the same scene so I have been sorely lacking the attentions of a true BBC slut and or submissive husband. I think that's why I enjoy your Blog. Keep up the good work and enjoy that BBC.

    Anon Kal

  3. My apologies. That should read your Blog. Damn autocorrect. Sometimes I was I could bitch slap the person that created it.

    Anon Kal